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DEXMA Detect

Continuously Detect where your potential savings are.

From your lovely desk.

DEXMA Detect

Automate your audit process with AI

Portfolio segmentation

Decide which sites are worth investing in and which aren’t, before even setting foot in the building.

Virtual disaggregation

NILM artificial intelligence models disaggregate your consumption, without hardware or installation.

Energy intelligence audit

Yes, engineers do better, but our models certify a 95% accuracy auditing buildings, and it is 100 times faster.

DEXMA Top locations

Benchmark with a database of thousands of similar sites

Understand how much a site can save before setting foot in it. DEXMA compares your site’s consumption pattern levels, weather and geographic data with similar buildings in our database to provide accurate insights and potential energy savings figures.

Use your budget with intelligence

Segment the sites you want to tackle in each phase of the project and focus on the ones that really pay off.

DEXMA Detect Filters

NILM – Non Intrusive Load Monitoring for virtual disaggregation

Forget about hardware and installation headaches. Use the monthly or hourly fiscal metering readings to understand what percentage of your consumption accounts for HVAC, heating, lighting, cooling, etc., and get recommendations on how to reduce your site’s footprint.

Instant setup. Intelligent decisions.

Be up and running in less than 15 minutes, no matter the size of your portfolio, thanks to the Excel sheet project importer. Then wait for the algorithms to do their job and you are all set to excel in the energy management field.

DEXMA Detect Excel
DEXMA Detect Recommendations

Choose what’s in your to-do list

Easily choose which recommendations you want to apply to each site and get financial metrics to support your decisions.


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