Energy Transition in Buildings: How to Achieve Net-Zero?

The UK is firmly committed to achieving net-zero emissions by the year 2050. This ambitious goal necessitates significant efforts to minimize greenhouse gas emissions and offset any remaining emissions through carbon mitigation and absorption measures. As a facilities manager or owner, it’s crucial to recognize the direct impact of this framework on your operations. Staying […]

Real-World Benefits of Energy-Saving Smart Buildings

Conventional buildings aren’t very efficient. Often, the only way to monitor conditions is to wander up and down corridors, peeking into offices. Temperature monitoring usually involves manually adjusting the air conditioning or opening windows to regulate humidity and airflow.  There’s no way to see where and when you use the most energy. It’s hard to […]

The Rise of Sustainability in Hospitality: the Pivotal Role of Energy Efficiency

In recent years, a significant shift has been observed in the travel industry, with a growing number of travellers choosing environmentally friendly options. This trend is largely driven by a raising awareness of environmental issues and a collective desire to contribute towards sustainability. Hotels and resorts that prioritise energy efficiency are increasingly favoured by environmentally […]

Utility Companies: Energy Services and Goals 2024

Utilities are a key player with which almost all individuals or companies must interact. Organizations require energy to carry out their business activities, and therefore seek out the utilities that provide the best service. In last week’s article, we delved into the context of Energy Service Companies, examining their challenges, priorities, and trends. Today, we […]

Energy Service Companies and Their Main Challenges and Priorities in 2024

You have probably seen that we have already shared the results of our State of Energy Management 2023 survey. How exciting! So the report is now available for free download. Just like in previous editions, our attention in this year’s survey was directed towards Energy Service Companies (ESCOs), exploring the obstacles encountered in 2023, their […]

The State of Energy Management in 2023 [Report]

Last December, we asked you to participate in our Energy Management survey and more than 200 of you responded favourably!  The survey targeted companies with direct connections to the energy sector, including ESCOs or energy suppliers, representing 38.60% of the participants. Other notable sectors include OEM/Hardware Vendors and Utilities, each accounting for 13.60% of the […]