DEXMA preferred by the most demanding energy management software buyers according to 2015 Verdantix Green Quadrant study

This Verdantix report aims to help corporate buyers save time,reduce costsand mitigate risks when selecting products and suppliers

Barcelona. October 13, 2015 – DEXMA, a leading provider in Enterprise Energy Management Software, has been identified by the Verdantix Green Quadrant Building Energy Management Software 2015 report as a leading specialist software firm that offers strong solutions in the market.

In the study, 27 building energy management software vendors were compared across 130 functionality and vendor success metrics to help corporate buyers save time, reduce costs and mitigate risks when selecting products and suppliers.

The study finds that buyers of building energy management software state a preference for working with specialist software firms such as DEXMA.  The report finds that, software users’ focus on specialists underlies a desire to work with vendors with a high level of specific industry knowledge, as these vendors are perceived to understand customer needs best. Of the customer panel respondents, 53% prefer to purchase software from a specialist software firm.

“Vendors need to provide support and show an understanding of the business reality of commercial real estate versus corporate owned real estate. [Provide] support to property managers on how to use software, not just how to functionally use a piece of software, but how to use it to drive performance.” Said a Business services firm in the report.

The report also finds that independent software vendors like DEXMA offer strong solutions and should be included on short-lists. Some of the firm’s detected strengths were IT systems integration, master data management and software solution scalability.

Additionally, considering all the supplier offerings assessed in the analysis, the report recommends DEXMA’s software to multi-site firms looking for site-specific configurability and energy services firms targeting multi-site portfolios of small and medium enterprises.

About DEXMA 

Founded in 2007, DEXMA is a leading worldwide provider of Enterprise Energy Management Software. The Company’s mission is to provide the most flexible, powerful, scalable and user-friendly cloud-based platform to reduce energy consumption in buildings, commercial and industrial sectors.

DEXCell Energy Manager cloud-based solution helps organizations reduce energy use and cost, through bill tracking, monitoring utility meters, submetering and controls. Our analytics platform delivers reports and dashboards, and enables users to conduct ad hoc analysis, implementing alarms to detect inefficiencies. DEXCell provides organizations the ability to develop new APPs to extend the functionality of the software. DEXMA serves over 1,000 clients in 32 countries through a Global Partner Network composed by more than 200 companies, most of them Energy Services Company, Utilities, Integrators, Maintenance companies and OEMs.

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