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Energy Management System - Get a FREE Demo! Energy Management System - Get a FREE Demo!

Energy Management & Efficiency in Banking

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Times Faster

Historical data analytics in less than 1 second


Data Sources

Use any data source you want in your energy efficiency project


Inefficiencies Detected

Every day. DEXCell detects energy savings opportunities to save you time and money


Million Data Readings

Daily. DEXCell converts millions of readings into actionable insights for real cost savings

Energy management made easier:

Energy Grader

Discover your savings potential and benchmark against any industry standard

Real-Time Monitoring

Visualise your data with intuitive, easy-to-use dashboards


Minimise human error while maximising energy cost savings

Cost Allocation

Reveal the true cost of your energy usage based on ToU tariff rates

From Global to Local

Need aggregated figures or prefer single-site? Find it all in DEXCell Energy Manager

Verified Savings

Investing without verifying? Not with DEXCell. Verify your savings in real time

Easy Reporting

Show off your project progress with automated reporting and alerts

Energy Apps Market

Expand your energy-saving capabilities by adding new apps or creating your own

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