Project Name:

e4SME – Improving energy management for SMEs


Project Type:

DEXMA Detect


Utilities today are facing disruption from all sides: Load stagnation, financial and regulatory pressures, competition from new market entrants and increasingly demanding customers. Utilities must therefore fight against lower incomes and higher churn rates using customer-centric digital engagement tools, such as those offered by mobile carriers, banks, and other leading industries.

One of the most rapidly growing customer segments is made up of small & medium enterprises (SMEs), who lack time and resources to pore over detailed energy management analytics tools as larger corporations do, yet they are equally (or more) sensitive to energy as a running cost.

Thus, engaging SME customers on a more personal level with innovative and simplified on-line tools in their energy management can open up significant opportunities for utilities, helping them realize their customer-centric “New Deal”, and meeting their increasingly stringent energy efficiency goals.

e4SME will help utilities boost SME engagement by helping them identify scalable energy savings. To this end, e4SME will target and segment SMEs by energy savings potential and opportunity type, identifying unique operational and retrofit opportunities in near-real time.

DEXMA aims to bring this innovative solution to market by the end-2020, carrying out a 24-month work plan including the refinement of the current prototype (TRL6).The latter has been validated by one of the top 10 utilities in Europe, which has made its customer base and technical team available to actively participate in the specification and validation phases.

DEXMA is currently among the 5 leading energy management software suppliers in Europe, having shown its capacity to access a market in a very competitive environment and large incumbents. With e4SME, DEXMA seeks to achieve sales revenues of over €33 million after 5 years, reaching 740,000 EU SME-clients and saving more than 6 TWh of final energy consumption and 3 MT CO2 emissions.





Total Budget:

1.546.750 €

DEXMA Detect Recommendations

Grant agreement No 822458