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Data Sources Normalisation

Forget about data integration problems.
DEXMA integrates it all.

Data Sources Normalisation

What we care about

+ 1.000 Native integrations

Getting data from the field won’t be a problem anymore with DEXMA. We love data.

Data lakes

You have your own IoT platform? Good, we connect through the API.

Insertion API

Developing your own hardware? Use DEXMA’s insertion API to send data to the platform.

All kind of protocols

DEXMA is integrated out of the box with a wide range of Modbus devices, devices that send CSV, txt or Excel files through ftp, e-mail or Sftp.

Hardware agnostic

Use the hardware manufacturer that best fits in your project, as soon as data can be pushed to the cloud, we will process it.

Data quality and reliability

We know hardware fails, so DEXMA builts-in filters to preprocess corrupt data coming from hardware and avoid ugly peaks when analysing your data. Moreover, you will see which is the % health of each hardware in your project.

Parameters, parameters and more parameters

DEXMA is not limited to electricity monitoring, neither gas, neither water or ambient parameters. Actually, we do have a list of +200 energy related parameters to help you in your project. If not on the list, we add it on demand.

Ad-hoc integrations

For specific Data Lake or hardware integrations, DEXMA’s dedicated integration team will assist you. Even more, our insertion API is public so you can develop your own integration.

Virtual weather stations

Forget about headaches regarding weather data for your project. DEXMA weather database, covering more than 100.000 stations worldwide, is available for you to choose the closer one to your location. Get hourly temperature, humidity, solar radiation and 15 other weather parameters.

Free historical data import

Historical data is basic for a professional energy management project, so we don’t charge for it. No matter if you have 1 month or 100 years.


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