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Manufacturing businesses across Europe are striving to reduce their energy usage and costs as they continue to rise, affecting bottom lines and ROI. The planet is also negatively affected by industrial energy use, responsible for about 21% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide In the UK, 79% of manufacturers describe energy efficiency as a "business critical" issue, and 9/10 businesses discuss energy management at the board level, according to the Financial Times. Yet, the same survey revealed only half of manufacturers actually have a 5-year energy management plan in place - most are only thinking ahead one year in advance.  With Brexit becoming more real every day, future challenges in industrial energy consumption will only intensify in the UK and beyond. Bringing up the topic of energy management in the corporate board room is an important first step, but even more critical is taking a holistic approach by following up and translating those conversations into concrete actions. If you are working in an industrial plant, here are four measures you can take today to reduce the burden of high energy costs in manufacturing, regardless of sector.