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The energy manager's daily to do list is no doubt a long one, with more than a few headaches to solve. But what happens when energy managers are asked to prioritise their tasks and priorities, not just for one day, but the entire year? At DEXMA, our curiosity got the best of us! We asked our energy manager community, and they answered. Here is what we found out when it comes to the top energy manager priorities for this year:

As 2017 draws to a close, it's the perfect moment to take stock of our learnings as energy professionals in order to put things in perspective. We find ourselves asking questions like:
  • Which energy efficiency projects went well?
  • Which ones could have gone better and why?
  • How did I perform compared to my peers?
  • How does my organisation stack up against the competition?
We know those last two can be a little tricky to discern without a little help ;) That's why for the third year running, DEXMA is proud to launch The State of Energy Management survey. Read on to discover what we learned last year and why you should participate this year...