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When we talk about energy management, not only does it involve a thorough analysis of the energy consumption that is produced in buildings, but we must also carry out energy and functional control. So, how do we integrate the energy analysis with Building Portfolio Control? Discover the types of control in buildings, differentiating between them energy control. Learn about advanced energy control technologies in this article:

What is smart energy management for those who must carry this out in several or thousands of buildings? The key here is energy analytics, with its first basic steps to detecting the greatest potential savings, and advanced analysis tools to achieve the level of detail that we want. We'll tell you what an advanced energy analysis should be like for a buildings portfolio, whatever their size, and how to detect the savings potential hidden in their buildings. Keep reading...

That the real estate market is a sector that suffers from the characteristic of being very volatile is no secret. It has gone from being a safe, easy and stable investment to being high risk.  If we add this to the increase in energy demand, which has a huge impact not only on this sector but also on the rest of the sector, such as facility management, what are the challenges facing these sectors? In this article we answer this question: