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You've heard the Big Data buzzword here, there and everywhere... but as an energy manager, how well do you understand the importance of data quality? Does energy data quality control really play a big role into your day-to-day work activities? Here at DEXMA we know that it's important to take a much closer look at Big Data in energy management. That's why interviewed the newest member of our energy data science team, Juan Carlos Fernández, who tells us the importance of energy data quality lies in the fact that "when it comes to making decisions, it can mean the difference between right and wrong" for energy managers. Read on for the complete interview:

Every energy manager knows how useful energy management software is in delivering the analysis and control capabilities their customers need to make smarter energy decisions, lower energy costs more effectively and increase overall energy productivity. But did you ever stop to consider how the quality of the energy decisions you and your clients make is directly influenced by the quality of the data you base them on?