Project Name:

BEEST – Reduce energy costs in hotels and office buildings



Project Type:

DEXMA Control


The objective of the BEEST project is to develop a system to reduce energy costs in hotels and office buildings, while guaranteeing occupant comfort. The project involves the development of a series of applications that can enable energy savings of more than 30% by:

Providing energy managers with new, data-driven knowledge and insights into building energy performance and building energy consumption

Generating recommendations for possible energy savings that can be obtained manually by the building manager.

Contributing with automatic energy saving actions, bypassing the need for the energy manager’s intervention.

Helping energy buyers to reduce cost per kWh when negotiating with energy retailers.

This project has resulted in the company eQualtiq (COMSA) and was funded by the Innoenergy organization and the European Institute of Technology (EIT).


COMSA Corporación, Tecnalia, Enervalis, EnergyVille, DEXMA.