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Franciso Godia Foundation | Energy Efficiency in Museums

The foundation-museum reports energy savings of more than 30,000€ annually as a result of using DEXCell Energy Manager software to analyze consumption and optimize systems.

DEXMA energy management software has saved Fundación Francisco Godia thousands of Euros in energy bills. The Foundation, created in memory of Catalan entrepreneur, car and art lover Francsico Godia, holds one of the most important private art collections in Spain. It launched its successful energy savings campaign in February, 2012.

Casa Garriga-Nogués, home of Fundación Francisco Godia

Fundación Francisco Godia sits in the historic Casa Garriga-Nogués, a classic example of Modernist architecture designed by Enric Sagnier in 1899, located in Barcelona’s Eixample neighborhood. The Foundation’s main energy drain is the electricity required to maintain strict climate controls for preservation of the art collection. Its challenge was to reduce the amount of electricity consumed without affecting the thermal conditions inside the museum, while minimizing costs related to energy efficiency projects. Electricity consumption was costing the Foundation an average of €85,000 per year.

In February of 2012, Fundación Godia installed DEXMA’s DEXCell Energy Manager software and began to monitor its overall energy consumption in real time, track the use of individual subsystems like lighting, heating, cooling and dehumidifying, and measure the interior and exterior temperature and humidity levels. DEXCell Energy Manager’s versatility made it possible to use multiple types of metering equipment, including wireless meters.

Fundación Francisco Godia’s reduced energy consumption in 2012 vs. 2011

The first DEXCell Energy Manager analysis revealed that cooling was responsible for 75% of the foundation’s summer energy consumption, while lighting and office energy claimed the rest. Fundación Godia’s technical team, led by Sergio Martín, began the work of optimizing the foundation’s energy systems with the help of DEXMA’s technical team.

Four affordable measures were identified and implemented to optimize the functioning of the Foundation’s coolers and dehumidifiers.

In early June, it was decided that one of the central cooling units housed in the attic would be shut down. DEXCell Energy Manager´s analyses indicated that the remaining unit would be capable of producing sufficient cooling to maintain optimal conservation conditions for the art collection. The result was an energy reduction of about 14%.

In July, humidifier consumption was reduced 9% by preventing heated fluid from reentering the cooling cycle.

In September, an overpressure study analyzed the energy required to block the inflow of exterior air in order to protect museum art. It was decided that overpressure could feasibly drop from 1500 m3/hour to 1125 m3/hour and still fall within acceptable museum conservation margins. Energy savings of 12% were realized.

Finally, all dehumidifying units were shut down at the end of summer, as humidity levels were deemed low enough for optimal art conservation environment.

“DEXCell Energy Manager helped us to quantify the cost of maintaining the museum’s art conservation conditions and showed us exactly where we could save money,” said Fundación Godia lead technician Sergio Martín. “We were able to reduce our air conditioning costs by simply utilizing energy management to gain awareness and reduce the amount of energy used to maintain optimal museum conditions in summer. And we can look forward to more improvements in winter.”

DEXCell Energy Manager’s comprehensive set of features allowed technicians to view consumption patterns in real time and quantify the exact savings generated by each efficiency improvement. The Foundation will reinvest part of the resulting annual energy savings of over €30,000 in energy efficiency measures that will generate even greater savings in the coming years.

“There is amazing potential for energy savings in cultural spaces like Fundación Godia,” says DEXMA CEO Joan Pinyol. “DEXMA software is already being used in hundreds of buildings and facilities globally to measure energy in more than 2.4 million square meters. Real time monitoring combined with smart energy consulting improves energy efficiency and reduces energy spending by up to 35%.”

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