Meet the DEXMIES


Dexma Team

Our team is much more than a group of experts in energy management systems.
Our experience and passion are part of our DNA as a company, part of our product and part of our philosophy.

We cultivate this culture and work tirelessly to grow our partners’ business and help energy managers increase the value and visibility of their work.


Joan Gumma


Raluca Chirita

Admin & Accountancy Dept.

MCarmen Flores

Admin & Accountancy Dept.

Belén Parodi

Financial Controller
Marketing & Sales

Joan Pinyol

CEO & Co-Founder

Miguel Cruz

International Sales Director

Elodie Guillard

Marketing Director

Roger Marcos

Country Manager Spain

Cristina Teba

Inbound Marketing Manager

Didier Dubau

Country Manager France & Benelux

Gabriella Porcu

Account Executive Spain

Caroline Grisel

International Sales Development Representative

Pilar Retana

Presales Engineer & Long-Tail Channel Manager

Luca Pagliochini

Account Executive Italy
Operations – Customer Success

Xavi Novella

Operations Director

Sofia Fernandes

Customer Success Engineer

Georgina Sala

Customer Success Engineer

Jordi García

Customer Success Engineer

Irene Šimić

Customer Success Engineer

Júlia Bayascas

Customer Success Engineer

Carla Fité

Customer Success Engineer

Adriana Garzón

Customer Success Intern

Daniel Utges

Product Director

Alfonso Mateos

Product Owner

Alicia Comella

Senior Product Designer

Oriol Serch

Senior Data Scientist

Panagiotis Papiotis

Senior Data Scientist

Laura Martínez

Product Owner / Product Mkt

Oriol Pla

R&D Project Engineer / Energy Manager

Juan José Vázquez

Data Scientist & Machine Learning Engineer

Johann Loux

Building Energy Modeler Engineer
Energy Services

Jordi Ros

Senior Project Manager

Galdric Ruiz

Energy Behaviour Manager

Nil Bufí

Energy Manager

Elisabeth Carreras

Customer Success Engineer

Mar Corruchaga

Customer Success Engineer
Dev & Sysadmin

Guillem Corominas


David Cortés

Software Engineer

Domenec Latorre

Software Engineer

Jorge Negrete

Devops Engineer

Robert Carausu

Software Engineer

Jordi Fierro

Software Engineer

Albert Pérez

Devops Engineer & Security Officer

Athanasios Chalas

Software Engineer

Matías Menker

Frontend Developer

Marc Cabré

Software Engineer

Awais Begum Iqbal

Software Engineer

José Antonio Rosano

Software Engineer

Sandra Serrano

Junior Developer

Andrei Misca

Senior Systems Engineer

Miguel Navarro

Systems Intern

Paco Ramírez

Software Engineer