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DEXMA Control

Perform remote automated actions according to your facility requirements: All integrated in one single platform.


Automate your energy workflow

On-demand control

Did you leave your HVAC switched on? Don’t worry, just switch it off remotely. The same goes for lighting, heaters or any other facility loads.

Schedules and conditionals

Is the workday over?
Turn all loads off automatically except the indispensable without relying on human input.

Multi-site integrated control

Controlling a portfolio? Forget about having to go building by building. Just share calendars or apply multi-site control rules.


The importance of WHEN

Every business has its own energy consumption patterns. Nowadays, with flexible tariffs, when a saving action is executed it can certainly make a difference.

Use DEXMA Control to ensure you don’t miss saving opportunities for your facility.

HVAC schedules: the easiest way to generate savings in your facility

Up to 55% of the energy consumption of common tertiary buildings is related to climatization. Strategies to reduce energy consumption are common knowledge and with DEXMA Control you will be able to automate them.

DEXMA Schedules

Maximize energy consumption optimization with DEXMA Analyse

DEXMA Control is the perfect complement to the facility monitorization that has been achieved with DEXMA Analyse.

Detect inefficiencies or stand-by consumptions and reduce them by setting up control rules.

Security matters

Control will always take place locally, from the PLC.

DEXMA updates the schedules, setpoints and rules from the cloud, using an encrypted and secure protocol.

DEXMA Security

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