How do I consume energy in comparison to the rest of my industry?

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Energy efficiency is like a long-distance race. The first kilometers are easy and if you train a little bit you will achieve big results.

But, once you beat your own records, there’s a point when you need deeper analysis to understand where your points to improve are. You need to understand what is going on in your industry. Keep reading if you have ever wonder… how could I know the energy consumption in my industry? 

Moreover, in any distance run, it’s easier if you have a friend by your side. Running alone is great, of course, but as in energy efficiency, you can be a better runner just by comparing to runners that are similar to you.

Comparing similar buildings in the same industry or the weather area where your building resides could help you discover how they are consuming in comparison to each other. And comparing them to other company’s buildings. This will help you get a better idea of how competitive you are when it comes to energy consumption.

The not-so-good news is that, even though this kind of in-depth analysis will benefit your buildings and your efficiency plan, it’s not so easy to perform.

For example, it is difficult to find industry indicators for manufacturing or the services industry. Sometimes, governments from different countries even try to launch these kinds of surveys.

As a result, nowadays you can’t cover all industries in the business with these sources of information 🙁 But there are some good ones out there, and today we will review them for you, let’s take a look at them.

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Industry Focused Studies

There are a few comparative surveys related to energy efficiency. Normally researchers choose a few buildings among some industries to perform normalizations and get results hence by utilizing indicators useful to the rest of the industry.

Comparing Commercial Building Energy Use Around the World” is one of the most interesting publications in this field. Lead by the International Energy Agency it focuses on analyzing office buildings.

You can see that there are international benchmarks such as North America, Europe, China, other Asian countries and Russia. It’s really interesting that you can find details for the European countries, with segmented information for France, Germany, Italy, and Spain.

Public Databases

Public Database results as the other alternative. You can check public databases, which are available worldwide, like the one from the World Energy Council: Energy Efficiency Indicators

You will find data there related to energy intensity by country (kWh divided by GDP). This could seem like a strange indicator for those of you working with kWh/m2, but it could be a good reference to compare your own results.  Even if your building is a factory or if you work in the services industry, this database can be resourceful.

With that said, it’s important to warn you that you won’t find any data for a specific industry here, you can only compare to a generic industry aggregation.

The database ODYSEE-MURE  is financed with European funds and it aggregates industry information for each one of the European countries, allowing comparatives among them.

Depending on the industry you’re interested in, the data quality changes. Unfortunately, many of the industries have a lack of data. However, this database has a nice advantage: it offers adjusts related to the weather, the energy production mix, or both of them.  

If you work in the US, you’re much more fortunate. Why? Because you can refer to the “queen” of energy consumption databases. We’re talking about the Energy Star database.

Offering data from over 40.000 locations, including not only offices but also schools, shops, healthcare facilities, etc. Energy Star gathers all this information with a survey performed every 4 years, called Commercial Buildings Energy Consumption Survey

The last version available is 2012, with data from 6.700 commercial buildings. Would you like to check these results? Just visit this page.

To sum up, in spite of the utility of comparing yourself against buildings similar to yours, it’s not that easy to perform this analysis these days…

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