2 Successful Case Studies in the Energy Management industry

This is the story of two successful case studies in the energy management industry. DEXMA has recently provided our software to two different buildings in the arts and culture sector.

First, we’ll talk about a well-known art museum in the city of Barcelona and how using our platform has helped meet their goal. Second is the case of an education centre comprised of a nursery school, primary school and high school. The school achieved 18% savings by involving the entire school community in efficient energy management of its facilities.


Godia is a museum created in 1999 in Barcelona, in memory of the Catalan entrepreneur Francisco Godia with the aim of preserving his art. The museum houses an exceptional heritage of paintings, medieval sculptures and ceramics. There are approximately 1.500 pieces on display and it is one of the largest private collections in Spain. The Foundation is headquartered in a prominent mansion in the Eixample neighbourhood in Barcelona, called Casa Garriga Nogués.

In terms of energy, the museum is really dependent on the power required to maintain optimal conditions for conserving its works of art, thus their annual consumption stood at 589.999 kWh, whereas the annual energy costs were about €85.000. They needed to reduce these numbers without altering the thermal conditions inside the museum. Therefore, they invested in energy efficiency.

‘Everything’s easier with DEXMA. You just install, connect, analyze and start saving.’

Sergio Martín, Grupo BCN GODIA

What was the solution? Electricity meters were installed in the central supply connection, as well as in the HVAC and lighting subsystems. DEXCell Energy Manager led to measuring and analysing the Foundation’s consumption. They began implementing improvements in their facilities that required no investment at all.

What were the results? Engineers verified that energy dropped due to HVAC scheduling and set optimisation points. Godia reduced its energy consumption by 35%. This percentage was translated into €25.000 annual savings.

‘The DEXCell Energy Manager has helped us to dramatically reduce our lighting, heating and cooling costs and to improve the energy efficiency of our museum.’

Sergio Martín, Grupo BCN GODIA

Download Case Study here.


The Sant Gervasi School is a cooperative educational institution located in Mollet del Vallès, Spain. The center consists of more than 1.500 people and 11.900 square meters. The facilities include several lecture halls for children and teenagers, as well as sport facilities and swimming pools. The school is known for its commitment to innovation, using education methods based on new technologies, projects focused on foreign languages, and the excellent model of cooperative education.

The mission of the project was to get the entire school community working toward energy efficiency as the ultimate goal. The school’s directors wanted to reduce consumption through better management of the current resources, with no investment in more efficient facilities. They also started to raise awareness among students, teachers, maintenance staff and administrative teams.

‘We reduced our energy consumption by a full 18% during school hours by getting everyone involved. We’ve made energy awareness integral to our educational policy’

David Cos, President of Sant Gervasi Cooperative School

What was the solution? The school carried out the initiative with the help of an energy management consultant called Tarpuna, while using DEXMA’s software as a tool to monitor and measure the school’s central supply and main consumption. This initiative received the name ‘Project Unplug’, and clearly increased awareness and involvement among all members.

What were the results? Hours of active consumption were optimised, maintenance team workloads were reorganised, energy consumption was reduced during hours of inactivity and secondary school students participated in several sessions about sustainability, energy efficiency and ways of reducing the use of electricity in their environment. The reduction stood at €12.200/year (18,6%).

‘Not only did DEXCell prove to be an excellent platform for technical monitoring of energy consumption, it also served as a source of learning for the entire educational community’

David Maruny, Tarpuna

Download Case Study here for more information on the case studies within the energy management industry.

cast studies in the energy management industry

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