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Job Offer – Operations Team

Customer Success Specialist


You are motivated, results-driven, a team player, you love SaaS technologies and are keen on discovering/improving your knowledge of the Energy Sector. Your customer-centric profile makes you a customer advocate inside DEXMA and a customer ally for his/her issues and needs. Your process-driven mind, together with your common sense, gives you a positive critical spirit and you’re always striving to make things work smoother, faster, easier, better. You feel comfortable with continuous change and high growth environments. You accept the challenges needed to make this world a more energy efficient and greener place through putting all technology innovation possible at the service of the energy market.


Our customers demand fast response and quality treatment when provisioning our services. You will be focused on giving our customers what they request, solving their pains the best way possible, keeping all requests and needs satisfied, and making sure all renewals, sign ups and upgrades are managed properly and are up-to-date as agreed. As you will have a privileged close touch with all the current customer base, you will listen carefully to their needs and become one of DEXMA’s valuable customer voices, sharing DEXMA insights on future trends and product features.

Our company keeps a rapid pace and is in steady change and fast growth, so you will also master our operating processes to efficiently improve the way we deliver our services.

Moreover, one of our key values is the quality of our customer service. Our partners demand the best customer service, and you will quickly gain experience on our SaaS product DEXCell EM to become a proficient user of the platform so as to give excellent customer service, regardless of the partner profile, be it a newcomer or a master of energy efficiency.

Looking inwards at the team, you will cooperate with all departments to achieve the solutions agreed with the customer on time and with the desired quality. You will excel in communicating with all teams members and departments to meet deliverables.

As a member of an innovative startup on a rapid growth path, the ideal candidate must be able to juggle multiple responsibilities, be comfortable in developing cutting-edge statistical and machine learning algorithms as well as have the ability to switch contexts rapidly between research literature searches, rapid algorithmic prototyping, as well as assisting in code testing and deployment.

Your work will be the foundation for new algorithms used to help solve the world energy problem.

Customer Success Specialist | Your Responsibilities:

  •  Be the DEXCell EM master to know how to configure and use the platform depending on the real-life scenario.
  • Be the best companion to partners in our partner program, with custom training from the beginning stage to daily issues that may arise, to make the most of the product.
  • Use the close relation with the partner base to identify valuable insights and product features.
  • Have reliable KPI’s and metrics from customer activity, revenue, satisfaction to meet the right decisions at the right time.
  • Perform key actions to have the minimum churn possible.
  • Make customer success your leitmotiv, giving the most-accurate technical and business support.
  • Cooperate with the sales team to improve upselling capabilities.
  • Cooperate with marketing to identify key content to highlight, new case studies to develop, and blog topics to write and publish.

Customer Success Specialist | Competencies:

  •  Spanish and English fluent.
  • Technology background is a must, be it in computer science, telecommunications, data sciences, or engineering.
  • At least basic programming/scripting skills and Internet knowledge.
  • Passionate about the Software SaaS business ecosystem.
  • Office Tools master (spreadsheets, docs, etc).
  • Strong communications skills.
  • Cross-functional profile, able to adapt to change.
  • Customer-centric approach.
  • Natural problem-solver and results-oriented.
  • Accountable.
  • Process-driven.
  • Teamwork spirit.
  • Hard-worker, focused and optimistic.

Customer Success Specialist: nice to have

  • Knowledge of the Energy Market.
  • Working experience in an SaaS company.
  • Experience with SaaS Metrics.
  • Experience with customer service online platforms.
English & Spanish0%
Problem solver0%
SaaS Experience & Passionate0%
Process Driven0%

Our Offer Includes:

  • Permanent full-time contract
  • Best-in-class workplace with a positive, fun, experienced and motivated team.
  • Offices in sunny Barcelona, well connected for public transportation.
  • Free snacks & coffee.
  • Flexi-time.
  • Position with growth and learning opportunities.

About Us:

Serving more than 1100 businesses across 34 countries, DEXMA is a leading provider of Energy Management Software for buildings, commercial and industry sectors. DEXCell Energy Manager is a cloud-based software, hardware-neutral, to help organisations reduce energy use and cost, through utility bill tracking, continuous monitoring, submetering, analysis, alarms, reports and controls. DEXMA sells its software and services through a Global Partner Network of +200 companies, most of them Energy Services Company, Utilities and Integrators.