DEXMA: Key contributor to ENOPTUS project


  DEXMA is a key contributor to the ENOPTUS project: promoting demand management through the control and optimisation of manageable loads in the tertiary sector In accordance with DEXMA’s research and innovation strategy, DEXMA has launched a new R&D project called ENOPTUS (advanced solution for real-time energy load management and optimisation of PV resources). Through […]

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How to Execute Winning Energy Efficiency Projects [INTERVIEW]

For many energy managers, especially those just starting out, planning and implementing energy efficiency projects can feel like being lost in a never-ending maze. In a tiger-infested jungle. During a lightning storm. Okay, maybe not quite so dramatic – but you get the picture. The lengthy, complex and high-risk nature of energy efficiency projects is what compelled Texas-based […]

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DEXMA Partner Spotlight: Enertips (Spain)

DEXMA Partner Spotlight – Enertips

New month, the new edition of DEXMA Partner Spotlight! For this 5th edition, we’re excited to introduce Enertips, a full-stack energy consulting firm for business. Enertips specialises in energy management and energy efficiency projects led by a multidisciplinary and dynamic team. Their energy efficiency projects have been carried out in a wide range of sectors, including industrial […]

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