10 Energy Consumption Red Flags To Watch Out For

10 energy consumption red flags to watch out for

As the digital transformation of energy gains momentum, energy managers are being bombarded with a growing data deluge. In fact, some of the most common questions we get from new DEXMA Partners include “What report should I be viewing?” and “What energy data matters most?” Even though you might be working with a wide range […]

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DCP 228 and DCP 161 set to jolt UK business energy costs

As of April 2018, two new energy regulations called DCP 228 and DCP 161 came into force in the United Kingdom. Officially titled Distribution Change Proposal 228 for Revenue Matching in the Common Distribution Charging Methodology, DCP 228 have a significant impact on the calculation of electricity distribution charges – which can make up to 19% of a customer’s […]

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4 Ways to Drive Down Energy Costs in Manufacturing

4 Ways to Drive Down Energy Cost Manufacturing

Manufacturing businesses across Europe are striving to reduce their energy usage and costs as they continue to rise, affecting bottom lines and ROI. The planet is also negatively affected by industrial energy use, responsible for about 21% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide.  In the UK, 79% of manufacturers describe energy efficiency as a “business-critical” issue, […]

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New carbon tax as Catalonia aims for 100% carbon neutrality by 2050

Last Thursday, the Catalan Parliament passed new legislation to impose a carbon tax on any pollution-causing business activities, including the operation of polluting vehicles such as large vessels. The law follows closely behind Catalonia’s carbon tax on road vehicles introduced earlier this year. The legislative package known as the “Climate Change Bill” comes with a […]

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